Your Devoted
S2C Practitioner

Hey there, I’m Vanessa, a Spelling to Communicate(S2C) Practitioner in Training under the International Association for Spelling as Communication (I-ASC).
My Journey

My Journey into the World of Spelling and Communication

Now, let me tell you how I stumbled upon the fascinating world of spelling and communication. It all started when I came across Dillan’s Path on YouTube and thought, “How the heck do they do that?” Intrigued, I embarked on a weeks-long internet expedition until finally, a breakthrough—I had a life-changing conversation with a parent on Facebook about S2C.

From that moment, my journey took flight, and I connected with the incredible, all knowledgeable, wise and compassionate S2C practitioner from Portland, Dana Woodhouse from Praxis S2C.

As a parent of not one, but two autistic children— one speaking and one non-speaking who utilizes the letter board—I understand the twists and turns of the spelling journey firsthand. It’s a road filled with highs and lows, triumphs and challenges, but it’s also a road that leads to incredible transformation.

My Professional Background

Now, let’s dive into my eclectic professional background. Picture this: U.S. Air Force, Pediatric Certified Nursing Assistant, Digital Audience Strategist, and proud owner of

Yep, I’m someone with many talents who can easily adapt to various situations like a chameleon on a mission. I tend to jump in and give apologies later! I am not afraid to make mistakes, changes, or speak up for quality of care, for quality of life. I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my family and close friends healthy, safe and in flow.

My Calling

My Calling: S2C Practitioner

Why did I choose to become a trained Spelling to Communicate practitioner?

Simple—I’m a parent of a non-speaking autistic son who uses Spelling to Communicate (S2C). I’ve witnessed how communication changes lives. I saw it in my son’s spelling journey, and I see it in my students now. They want and can learn to communicate by pointing to letters to in order to spell out complete words and sentences.

I know the fear that creeps in when hope seems like a distant dream after years of disappointing approaches, with claims of effective, evidence-based practices. However, I took a leap of faith, and boy, did it pay off! And now, I’m here because I was put on this earth to do the work.

I am here to help your loved one spell to communicate.

Beyond the Certificates: A Broad Spectrum of Skills

Rest assured, my training includes competencies for working with beginning to fluent communicators. Education, motor coaching, and regulation issues? Yep, I’ve got you covered. Together, we’ll navigate the intricate pathways of communication, empowering you and your loved ones to find their voice and embrace a world of possibilities.

So, are you ready to take the first step on this transformative spelling journey? Let’s connect, laugh, learn, and spell our way to communication access. Get in touch today!